Know our wearware, know yourself
And tell the world about it
We are looking for testers to help us further develop our wearable devices. The type of feedback we're looking for has no limit, but the level of input required is a serious commitment. We are looking for someone willing to understand the full wear of our device and really get to know it. We are interested in seeing how the wearware and your body respond when you walk, sit, work, perform, compete, meditate, sleep in it… We need you to understand the feel, the look, the movement. It could be a normal day at the office, or skydiving: our search for the truth through physiological data is boundless.
Our Testers' digital platform will be the place where your recorded performance and your comments can be shared with our community. This will be a personal space, both customisable and secure where you can record your data, view it, save it, and decide how to share it.