The Third Platform of Communication
Today, computers and smartphones are the two leading platforms of communication. We have created a third platform, a wearable device that will redefine how we gather, analyse and share physiological data. This cozy second-skin, effortlessly collects unique information about habits, behaviour, environment, and helps you to get closer to know your true self.
Your physiological data, your health, your life on your terms
Our device does not sit on a desk nor is it hand-held: it is wearware, a comfortable fitted garment lined with accurate sensors and microchips that interact with your body, leaving you completely hands-free. The sensors interpret both conscious and unconscious actions, and provide feedback to the "brain" of the device: the logger module. This small, light apparatus is ergonomically positioned on your back between your shoulder blades and grants you total freedom of movement while it constantly records your physiological data that can easily be transferred to and visualised on your computer or your smartphone. We produce two kinds of wearable devices, both are fully customisable to your size and washing machine-friendly.
The Medical Device
ImPatient no more
A combination of comfort and medical-grade quality. Our sensor-lined wearable device monitors the heart and lung functions in the freedom of your daily life, far from machines, cables and the stressful environment of hospitals and labs. The CE certified device measures the heart's electrical activity with a twelve lead ECG, while the respiratory mechanics are collected from five different compartments. Our technology replaces the Holter Exam as well as the Polysomnography Exam, so you can take the equivalent of these tests anytime you want in the comfort of your own home. A remote medical institution of your choice will then have your data examined and provide you with the results. We encrypt, store and protect your data, but we do not own it. You, and only you have total control of your personal profile through our secure portal, where user-friendly widgets will provide you with information on your wellbeing and performances at a glance.
The Mentor Device
Just as mentors help bring out the best in us, our device will help improve your wellbeing by studying your habits and providing you with feedback, so that you can make the changes you want to enjoy a healthier, more productive/active life. The mentor device is designed with comfort in mind so you can wear it for as many hours as you please-even during your sleep! You control all aspects of the platform. You can customise everything from the device's aesthetics, to the algorithms designed to interpret your raw data and render it into valuable information.
Our Purpose
Computers and smartphones are not gender specific, but our wearables are. In fact, we have two brands: X10X and X10Y. "XX" represent the female chromosomes, while "XY" represent the male chromosomes. We use the binary numbers 1 and 0 because we are using digital technology to improve your analog life. Individuals express their unicity through physiological data. The messages that your body sends, and that our devices gather and interpret, are the key to understanding the foundation of your identity. This is why we have chosen "Express Your Truth" as our tagline. Life is about being the best you can be.